Since 1990, SunMan Engineering has succesfully completed over 1650 product development projects. The Electronic and Mechanical Product Development applications we have serviced cover a wide range of functionality including DSP, Analog and Mixed Signal applications, RF at 2.4GHz, FPGA/CPLD Design & Development, Avionics, Medical Applications, Mechanical and Robotics and more.

The table below summarizes some completed projects that we have worked on:

Project # Technology Category Application
P-1137 Consumer Electronics PCI
P-1136 Wireless Broadband PCMCIA Card SOP
P-1135 Consumer Electronics Medical Device
P-1134 Wireless Broadband RF Card Bus
P-1132 Semiconductor Testing Hardware
P-1131 Automotive Adapter Card
P-1130 Wireless Broadband Ethernet Interface
P-1129 Semiconductor IC Evaluation Board
P-1128 Aerospace Power Card
P-1125 Automotive Adapter Card
P-1123 Laser Optics Control Board
P-1122 Video Interfacing Video Adapter Card
P-1120 Aerospace Controller
P-1119 Video Interfacing Camera for Internet
P-1118 Wireless Broadband Fiber Optic Ethernet Interface
P-1117 Wireless Broadband RF Interface Board
P-1116 Wireless Broadband RF Interface Board
P-1115 Semiconductor FPGA IC Integration
P-1114 Semiconductor Testing Hardware
P-1113 Automotive Adapter Card
P-1112 Semiconductor IC Evaluation Board
P-1111 Consumer Electronics Recharge Battery Circuit
P-1110 Automotive Adapter Card
P-1109 Fiber Optic Fiber Optic Ethernet Interface
P-1108 Consumer Electronics Surge and Internet Firewall
P-1107 Semiconductor Temperature Control Board
P-1106 Semiconductor IC Evaluation Board
P-1105 RF RF Interface Board
P-1104 RF RF Interface Board
P-1103 RF RF Interface Board
P-1102 RF RF Interface Board
P-1101 Aerospace Flex Cable
P-1100 Semiconductor Testing Hardware
P-1099 Storage Area Network System Daughter Board
P-1098 Fiber Optic Temperature Controller
P-1097 Semiconductor Probe Board
P-1096 Consumer Electronics Surge and Internet Firewall
P-1095 Fiber Optic Adapter Card
P-1094 Automotive Display Adapter Card
P-1093 Fiber Optic High Speed Ethernet Card
P-1092 Aerospace Regulator Card
P-1091 Video Interfacing Video Card
P-1090 Semiconductor Load Board
P-1089 Semiconductor Probe Board
P-1088 Fiber Optic Temperature Controller
P-1087 Automotive Switch Board
P-1086 Semiconductor Test Board
P-1085 Video Interfacing Digital CRT Controller
P-1084 Fiber Optic Control Board
P-1083 Semiconductor Testing Hardware
P-1082 Semiconductor Test Board
P-1081 Semiconductor Testing Hardware
P-1080 Fiber Optic Interconnect Board
P-1079 Fiber Optic Heat Relay Board
P-1078 Aerospace Extender Card
P-1077 Aerospace Mezzanine Ext Card
P-1076 Semiconductor Test Board
P-1075 Semiconductor Test Board
P-1074 Consumer Electronics TV interface Card
P-1073 Semiconductor Testing Hardware
P-1071 Wireless Broadband
P-1070 Consumer Electronics TV interface Card
P-1068 Semiconductor Testing Hardware
P-1067 Video Interfacing Digital CRT Controller

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