Product Engineering from Concept to Prototype


SunMan Engineering provides mechanical and electronic engineering services for consumer products and technology companies with an emphasis on New Product Introduction/Development (NPI). SunMan Engineering is unique in the breadth and technical complexity of the electronic engineering services that we offer to our customers. We offer full Product Development Management as a service to our customers. Our engineering expertise spans both electronic engineering and mechanical engineering designs. Our process includes electronic circuit design (front-end electronic engineering), layout of printed circuit boards (PCB’s), fabrication of PCB’s, procurement of components, assembly of the PCB’s, testing the final product, and final packaging such as a mechanical box or cabinet.

SunMan Engineering offers the following full service mechanical & electronic product development and product engineering services:

  • Product Development Services
  • Electronic Circuit Design
  • PCB Layout & Schematic Capture
  • PCB Design Services
  • Firmware & Software
  • Prototypes & Manufacturing
  • Testing
  • Patents & Certifications
  • Mechanical Engineering & Packaging
  • Reverse Engineering & Obsolete Systems Engineering
  • Wireless Design Services

SunMan Engineering can execute any of the above mentioned mechanical or electronic engineering tasks. We provide complete program management of the process, and of new product development programs. This relieves our customer of any logistic concerns regarding the administration and execution of the product development program and focuses the responsibility for the program on SunMan Engineering. This streamlines communication, allows for greater flexibility in a program and minimizes the customer resources required to introduce new products to the market.

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