Electronic Engineering & PCB Design Resources

SunMan Engineering is continuously putting together resources useful to engineers looking for answers related to hardware and product design. Initially there are a number of engineering calculators that provide insight to, as example, the affect of trace geometry to its characteristic impedance.

Try out these calculators and if you like them come back to see how the resources are being expanded. The team at SunMan Engineering is developing tools and looking for tools that are both useful to our customers but ourselves as well.

If there are any other tools that you would like to see added, please let us know. We will add them to the wish-list for further tool development.
1) Engineering Calculators – Our set of engineering calculators includes: PCB Impedance Caclulator, Stackup Impedance Calculator, Trace Current Calculator, and Units Converter Calculator.
2) Signal Integrity Center – If PCB layout was nothing more than getting the schematic realized by point to point connections there would be no need for signal integrity. Unfortunately, this is not the case.
3) Engineering Glossaries – Includes: Glossary of PCB Terms, Wireless Glossary, Semiconductor Glossary, Rapid Prototyping Glossary, RF Glossary, and Electrical engineering Glossary.
Guidelines – Guidelines for PCB Design, Electronic and Safety Standards and Useful Tools.

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