While a PCB design may look good on the computer, there are essential components that you can’t see on the screen.
Our design for manufacturing (DFM) services incorporate requirements for the manufacturing of physical PCBs and mechanical structures/casings to ensure that all the bases are covered. Our electrical engineers have decades of experience designing PCBs for production, so they will address all the necessary considerations to ensure a seamless process.

As a full-service PCB design, fabrication, assembly, and testing company, we consider the entire design and manufacturing process from the start. We start by evaluating device constraints and all the steps required to assemble the product. Then, we use the attributes to create the final design for manufacturing and assembly.

We address production processes, component costs, and supplier agreements when designing PCBs to keep the cost down without sacrificing quality and functionality. We optimize each design for manufacturability by simplifying the product while keeping the same capabilities.

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