Medical device development is a highly specialized field — you can’t afford to leave anything in the engineering process up to chance.
When you work with us, you have access to a team of experts who are highly-experienced, focused, and flexible. We’ll help you navigate clinical, regulatory, and engineering constraints to ensure that your system and subsystems meet all the FDA/CE approval requirements.

Our extensive experience in system and sub-system development, industry knowledge of medical device engineering, and multiple capabilities in prototyping and other design processes will help you take your medical device project from concept to production — the right way.

Our process is tailored to meet the needs of each client, with focuses on manufacturability, cost reduction, and relevance. You can select the services you need to complement your in-house capabilities and get your project off the ground:
Invention Help
Product Design
Medical Device Assembly, Kitting, and Packaging
Manufacturing Scale-Up (DMF techniques)
Medical Design and Development

Why We’re Different
Constant changes in technology and market demand require a highly professional project management process to create an efficient timeline that takes you from initial idea to product launch.

Our select team of experienced and accomplished design engineers and project management strategists will guide your project through the design journey — from concept sketch and prototype production to manufacturing and market release so nothing is left to chance.

Working with us, you get more than design and engineering expertise. We instill innovative thinking into everything we do while putting a relentless focus on ensuring a solid proof of principle and efficient execution. As a full-scope development firm, we have the capabilities to help our clients achieve timely product delivery with economically-viable resource allocation.

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