WebCAD™ is the online application developed by SunMan Engineering that allows you to meet with our PCB layout designers in a virtual space in order to complete the CAD processes for your PCB designs.

All that is needed to use this tool is an Internet connection, a “browser” and a telephone. A time for an “appointment ” to meet with the SunMan Engineering designers is then established.

Just before the scheduled meeting, SunMan Engineering will E-mail to you a memo with a link to connect into one of our design center computers that will be controlled by our designer. You then connect to the link and voice communication is then facilitated on a phone line.

With the completed connection you can now display, review, edit and finalize your design in real-time from your desk.

This gives you all your databases and design references at hand while you develop the final design. The control of the CAD is available to both you and the SunMan Engineering designer to facilitate the design process.

Changes or modifications are completed instantly at your hand. It’s as good as working face-to-face with our engineer, only it’s quicker and less expensive and those who have tried it say it is even more efficient than on site meetings. Why delay? Let SunMan Engineering assist you with your next prototype project in order to experience this fantastic Internet tool from SunMan Engineering.

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