Every day, millions of automobiles move over thousands of speed bumps in shopping malls across America. Now a patented new technology called Green Speed Bump can convert the existing speed bumps into green electric power plants.
The Green Speed Bump is the same shape and size of a typical speedbump. When a vehicle moves over a Green Speed Bump, its kinetic and gravitational potential is converted into electricity.
The speed bump in a large shopping mall can potentially generate 1 megawatt of electricity per day, which in turn can supply electricity to many stores and residential homes. In the near future, shopping malls can generate millions of dollars in clean, free energy.

System for generating electricity by using gravitational mass and/or momentum of a moving vehicle
US 706932 B2

A mechanical-electrical energy generation system generates electrical energy from the passage of a vehicle over an inclined ramp assembly. This assembly includes an incline ramp that is rotatable about an axis proximate a vehicle roadway surface, and a safety decline ramp hinged with and rotatable with the incline ramp. The incline ramp is coupled via a roller assembly to a gravity wheel that drives a flywheel coupled to an electrical generator. As a result, passage of the vehicle over the incline ramp rotates the wheel via the roller assembly and drives the flywheel so that the electrical generator outputs electrical energy. When the vehicle exits the safety decline ramp, a counterweight rotates the wheel in a reverse direction, so as to bring the incline ramp and safety decline ramp to back to their original inclined positions above the roadway surface.

The Green Speed Bump – Video Download
The Green Speed Bump – Video Download

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