SunMan Engineering’s Connected Car Technology

SunMan Engineering Inc has been a pioneering company for the “connected car” concept for many years and has spun off the company Telemetria Technology, which designs and deploys telematics applications to transform the driving experience into a connected smart and safe lifestyle.

Imagine a driving assistant (super-app) in the car with you all the time to make sure you drive safer, less distracted, and more productive. Imagine a driving assistant who reads you your emails, SMS, helps you respond, with voice, connects you through Twitter and Facebook, alerts you when exceeding speed limit or reminds you of car repairs before it is too late. Imagine a driving assistant who searches the Internet for you, and sets up your destination. Imagine a driving assistant who listens to your wishes for the world of entertainment on the road, finds it for you, and plays it for you.

Imagine the same assistant who can see the ice patch, a mile ahead, on the road, and help you to slow down, or watches your eyes to make sure they are not sleepy or tired.

Our super-app is hardware agnostic. It is currently built on Windows Embedded, and can easily be ported to any operating systems, such as Android, Apple iOS, etc. Our super-app offers key strategic advantages: 1) we have integrated four enabling technologies: voice enablement, car-aware thru car sensors, 3G/4G wireless, and software integration thru API This choice of technologies enable non-distracted driving, and increased productivity on the road for the drivers, 2) our unique cloud based and head unit architecture provides a disruptive ad-based-revenue model in the Telematics Industry taking into account the location of the drivers, full knowledge of the applications running on the head unit at any time, and the profile of the drivers.

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