Product Brief:

The Saturn development platform cuts development time by providing a flexible means of building a system particularly in an environment where there are many unknowns or uncertainty.

Evolving technology and marketing trends often cause project resets. The Saturn enables incremental modular design without having to respin the carrier board. Instead, smaller modular daughter cards are developed which are then routed to the COM through on-board FPGAs.

This modular design system enables the designer to develop a system before all variables and technologies are known. Risk is additionally minimized as each daughter board is independent and fully self-contained.

Once all system level components are known and fully tested, all that remains is a one-step integration cycle that creates a form-fit-function production quality prototype with typical first-time success. As a result, time-to-market is increased, and risk is reduced.

The Saturn is ideal for developing intel ATOM based COM systems. The ATOM processor is a new breakthrough technology aimed at UMPC, and other low-power consumer electronic devices.

The Saturn is the ideal development platform for the ATOM processor. The Saturn development platform is also processor agnostic. You may instead use a COM module utilizing an AMD processor, or even a low-cost embedded processor that is COM compliant. The on-board FPGA devices can even implement a “SOFT” processor to augment or even replace the COM module.

We offer a family of daughter boards as well as the accompanying FPGA code interfaces. We can also customize/design a daughter board to your specifications. We also offer system software drivers to interface with each subsystem. Contact us for further information regarding these product offerings.

Product Features:

  • Fully Compliant Carrier Board Technology
  • Flexible and Adaptable Prototyping System
  • Full System Verification and Prototype Vehicle
  • Agnostic Type-II COM Module Interface
  • Multiple FPGAs on board with full configuration and routing space
  • Multiple Expansion Daughter Cards Including PCI-Express and Full-speed USB2.x
  • FPGA IP core technology licensing
  • Ideal for Multi-media, automotive, consumer electronics, and other high-volume applications
  • Improved time-to-market development platform
  • Modular Design methodology
  • LVDS display interface
  • 2 1-GB DDR memory individually addressed
  • USB connectors

Daughter Cards / IP:

  • Car PC’s
  • Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi
  • AM/FM Tuner
  • MOST interface
  • 50W / 4CH Class-D amplifier
  • CAN/LIN interface
  • APIX interface
  • RS232
  • Ethernet
  • Software Radio
  • IPOD
  • Customized to you order

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