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  • Posted on: May 13, 2020
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When businesses of all markets and sizes need technology-related product design and development, San Jose and Silicon Valley consistently come to mind. This area has been a leader in technical innovation for many years and continues to attract industry professionals and businesses. For decades the region has produced much of the electronic technology that powers many industries and consumer products:

  • ●      Manufacturing enterprises with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) that streamlines production, making it more efficient.
  • Aviation, with lightweight and complex instruments that aid navigation and communications
  • Automotive industries, providing electronic vehicles and sophisticated electronics for safety features.
  • Communications, enabled by increasingly-powerful cellular networks and miniaturized circuits for smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

Developing these products requires an incredible set of skills that include electronic product development design, prototyping, manufacturing, and implementation into the end product. San Jose is well-positioned to provide such turnkey solutions for businesses across all industries and applications.

Wireless Product Development

Nearly everyone has a smartphone of some kind – many individuals have more than one, to cover business and personal use. For many businesses, keeping in touch with customers, employees on the road, and coworkers would be completely impractical without wireless devices – laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

San Jose’s electronic engineers bring wireless product development to reality with multiple solutions that can be tailored for specific business needs:

  • WiFi-enabled devices that can be utilized effectively in the office, at home, in restaurants, hotels, and even in vehicles that serve as WiFi hotspots.
  • Short-range wireless communications that allow industries to improve efficiency and cut costs through the availability of immediate contact with needed resources. Utilizing secure, reliable internal communications saves time and money with low-cost devices that can be customized for a variety of applications.
  • Wireless tablet computers allow industries and mobile service technicians to access and update critical information in real-time, boosting efficiency and saving money. With the development of rugged wireless tablet computers, these devices are now suitable for job sites and industrial use.

Medical Product Development

Medical product development has become increasingly critical with the urgent needs generated by the Coronavirus pandemic. San Jose electronics engineers have been instrumental for decades in designing and creating the complex circuitry that powers medical products that assist in patient evaluation and treatment:

  • Complex support devices such as patient monitors and ventilators
  • Diagnostic equipment including EKG equipment and CT or MRI scanners
  • Surgical robotics equipment

Internal devices that provide an improved quality of life rely on electronic medical product development, including:

  • Pacemakers
  • Automated embedded defibrillators
  • Embedded medication supplies such as insulin pumps

Other embedded devices are opening doors for the treatment of neurological and brain function.

Without the efforts and ingenuity of electronic engineers and the medical community, such advances in healthcare would be impossible. Whether such medical electronics are for diagnostic or internal treatment, the accuracy and reliability of each device are critical in patient care and longevity.

San Jose electronic engineers play a significant role in the development of medical technology.

Automotive Electronic Product Development in San Jose

Today’s vehicles are loaded with technology and electronics. With the advent of all-electric cars and driverless vehicles, the need for advanced electronics in the industry is certain to continue the need for automotive product development.

Electronics are utilized in nearly every aspect of automotive manufacturing:

  • Engine monitors and controls managed by on-board computers.
  • On-board entertainment systems that include video monitors and satellite radio.
  • Sensors that detect everything from cabin temperature to tire pressure.
  • GPS systems for navigation, traffic alerts, and points of interest.
  • Bluetooth synchronization that allows voice communication from smartphones through vehicle audio systems.
  • Electronic stability control sensors that detect a loss of traction in inclement weather, taking action to improve control of the vehicle – potentially avoiding a crash.
  • WiFi hotspot technology that allows all vehicle occupants to utilize WiFi as they travel.

More recent automotive product developments are providing additional information to drivers that make operation safer:

  • High-quality cameras that provide all-around information, a considerable advancement over yesterday’s more common backup cameras.
  • Adaptive cruise control that senses another vehicle being close, and automatically reduces speed.
  • Lane assist warnings that alert the driver of movement out of the current lane without signaling.
  • Blindspot detection systems that alert drivers to the presence of other vehicles that may not otherwise be noticed.
  • Self-parking cars that relieve drivers from that cumbersome skill that many struggle to perfect.
  • Heads-up displays that allow a driver to see important information directly on the windshield in front of them, eliminating the need to take eyes away from the road even momentarily.
  • Cross-traffic systems that utilize radar to detect cars that present a risk of collision.

With the plethora of technical offerings now included in modern vehicles, it’s a small wonder that the automotive community has already arrived at the next step – introducing driverless vehicles. Technical resources advise that electronics will soon account for one-third of the cost of a vehicle.

Autonomous vehicles usher in a whole new concept of computer controls and vehicle product development driven by advanced electronics.

Some of the advancements are facilitated by new materials such as ultralow loss substrates that can reduce power consumption – making electronics more efficient and newer components such as high-performance inductors and capacitors. Through-silicon vias also contribute to short interconnect transmission for reduced insertion or signal loss.

Electronic development in San Jose contributes to the success and advancement of these automotive technologies and more.

San Jose Engineers – Facilitating the Future

The San Jose area has specialists experienced in electronic product development, engineering, and prototyping. With decades of service in the industry, local engineers have contributed to the success of customers across a wide array of industries and technologies.

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