gavelsmSunMan Engineering has established partnerships with law firms to help technology & non-technology companies patent their Intellectual Property (IP).
SunMan Engineering can also help with the product design, and develop prototypes for proof of concept. SunMan Engineering is dedicated to give our clients a competitive edge, as well as properly protect them against infringement.

  • Patent Portfolio Management
  • Patent Preparation and Prosecution before the USPTO
  • International Patent Applications
  • Patent Reissues
  • Patent Reexaminations

Our Silicon Valley Location gives us close proximity to the best professionals in Intellectual Property law resources. Having developed many technology patents in-house, we know the Patent and Certification process as well as just about anybody.
With a strong technical foundation, coupled with years of industry experience, SunMan Engineering is able to gain insight to the different needs of our clients so that we can fully understand their technological and business objectives.

Let us know how our Patent and Certification Services can assist you!

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