SunMan Engineering offers electronic engineering services for consumer products and technology companies throughout San Jose. We offer full Electronic Product Development with an emphasis on New Product Introduction/Development (NPI).

Our process includes electronic circuit design (front-end electronic engineering), layout of printed circuit boards (PCB’s), fabrication of PCB’s, procurement of components, assembly of the PCB’s, product testing, and final packaging.

Turn to SunMan Engineering for full-service electronic product development and engineering services including:

  • Product Development Services
  • Electronic Circuit Design
  • PCB Layout & Schematic Capture
  • PCB Design Services
  • Firmware & Software
  • Prototypes & Manufacturing
  • Testing
  • Patents & Certifications
  • Mechanical Engineering & Packaging
  • Reverse Engineering & Obsolete Systems Engineering
  • Wireless Design Services

SunMan Technology is Your Source for Electronic Engineering

SunMan Engineering executes a variety of electronic engineering tasks and we provide complete program management of the process. Our customers in San Jose will be relieved of any logistic concerns surrounding the administration and execution of product development. Expect streamlined communication, greater flexibility in a program, and minimized needs to bring resources to the table to introduce your new electronic product to the market. Put the responsibility for the program on our trusted engineering team!

Our senior electronic engineering team supports the following front-end engineering areas of expertise:

  • Hardware Engineering:
    • Schematic Capture Tools: OrCAD, Concept, PADS Logic, Viewlogic > Analog Design: Power Supplies, Analog Filters, Amplifiers, SPICE
  • Logic Families: TTL, CMOS, LVDS, ECL, PECL
  • Buses: PCI, VME, USB, RS485, Multidrop, I2C, SPI

Electronic Circuit Design Services

We have worked with over 350 companies on the successful completion of over 1580 electronic circuit designs. We have developed a team of dedicated senior engineers for electronic circuit design services in San Jose including:

  • Mixed analog/digital designs
  • Bluetooth and 802.11 wireless designs
  • High-speed digital designs to 10GHz
  • Video graphics
  • Telecommunication circuit designs
  • RF designs to 2.4GHz
  • Ethernet interface circuits
  • FPGA/CPLD programming
  • Electronics for fiber optics designs
  • Power supply designs
  • Embedded microprocessor design
  • Control system design

Contact SunMan Engineering to learn more about our electronic engineering, electronic product development, and electronic circuit design services. We will discuss your company’s needs in-depth and help you meet your project requirements with ease.

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