4 Layer Stackup

Please modify the variables below and then click on the ‘Calculate’ button. The trace impedance’s will then be calculated.
Notes: All values need to be filled to get the desired result.
1. All dimensions are in MIL (thousands of an inch).

2. For microstrip traces (0.1< W/H < 4.0; 1 < Εr < 16 ) where W = width of the trace H = height of the dielectric ·r = Dielectric constant 3. The Dielectric Constant of FR4 material may vary by as much as 20% (4.2 to 5.2). 4. The overall Dielectric Thickness (Cu to Cu) should total 62 MIL nominally. 5. Variables unavailable for modification have no significant effect on the impedance of the traces.

4 Layer Stackup(mils)
Material Type
Dielectric Thickness
Trace Width
Cu Thickness
Dielectric Constant
1 Conductive . . Microstrip
  Dielectric . . . Core/Pre-preg
2 Conductive . . .   Plane
  Dielectric . . . Core/Pre-preg
3 Conductive . . .   Plane
  Dielectric . . . Core/Pre-preg
4 Conductive . . Microstrip
  Total Board Thickness        

Click here to calculate the characteristic impedance of the traces.

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Warning: " The calculators have been designed to work the best to our knowledge, but we do not take the responsibility of the solutions as they are dependent on the user inputs."

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