San Jose is a major technology hub in the Bay Area known as the center of Silicon Valley.

Businesses all over the country flock to the area as it is an urban center of innovation, learning, creativity, and art. Some of the major global tech companies centered around San Jose and Silicon Valley include eBay, Adobe Systems, PayPal, Samsung, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and Western Digital.

Many tech companies and other businesses require a better assembly method for the circuit boards used in electronics and computer devices. SunMan Engineering offers services surrounding printed circuit boards for San Jose. They have helped over 250 leading tech companies complete product development projects with the following services:

  • Translating concepts into practical designs
  • Product Development
  • Prototype Design
  • Prototype Production
  • Reference Board Designs
  • Reference Board Production
  • Printed Circuit Board Design

The company offers over 25 years of electronic product development services in the San Jose area and their facilities are ISO9002 certified and our assembly facilities are ISO9001 certified. Learn more about SunMan Engineering and why they are the top choice in Silicon Valley. 

PCB Layout San Jose

SunMan Engineering offers PCB layout services for San Jose. They have invested in various suites of EDA tools to complete PCB layout engineering and schematic capture. The final layout of a product can be guaranteed thanks to a proprietary quality assurance system that will reproduce the schematic exactly.

The team at SunMan Engineering ensures that the layout engineering meets the highest standard from the early concept stage with a Product Realization Process that utilizes 100% manual routing. 

PCB Design Services San Jose

The company also provides exceptional PCB design services to San Jose tech companies that include schematic capture, layout engineering, design for testability, and design for manufacturing. The SunMan Engineering team offers decades of design experience that gives companies peace of mind that the placement of parts meets their every need. Their comprehensive services ensure that the PCB design meets quality standards for assembly and testing.

Electronic Product Development San Jose

SunMan Engineering specializes in electronic product development for San Jose. They provide companies throughout Silicon Valley with a wide range of applications including digital signal processing, analog and mixed signal applications, high-frequency products, RF at 2.4GHz, FPGA/CPLD design and development, AC/DC and DC/DC converters, video interfacing, medical applications, circuit designs, and more.

PCB Prototype Service for San Jose
Electronic Product Development for San Jose
San Jose Wireless Design Services
New Product Development Services for San Jose

Contact SunMan Engineering for the best printed circuit board design, development, and prototyping in San Jose!

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