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  • Posted on: May 14, 2020
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Recent global concerns related to a pandemic virus that threatens millions of individuals have demonstrated the criticality of reliable and flexible electronic devices:

  • Wireless communications that enable employees to work from home
  • Medical devices that save the lives of thousands of recovering patients
  • Communications systems that keep all parties informed of high-risk areas and progress in controlling the spread of disease

Without effective communications and sophisticated medical equipment, the outcome of such widespread health problems could be even more tragic. Electronic engineering in San Jose plays an essential role in the development and manufacturing of products that make these products and services a reality.

Wireless Design Services

San Jose and the Silicon Valley region have long been recognized as the home of many high-tech industries, especially in the fields of electronic circuit design, computer technology, and wireless design services, so much so that industry showcases navigate to the area repeatedly.

  • Wireless communications capabilities are now embedded in a growing family of devices, as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) spreads throughout our daily lives. Everything from automobile key fobs to voice assistants utilizes increasingly sophisticated software technology, enabled by miniaturized complex wireless design circuits.
  • Enterprise-critical applications can now be managed remotely in the cloud, with robust yet secure applications controlled from laptop computers, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Service technicians are notified directly via wireless messages when manufacturing machines need maintenance – from the machines themselves, equipped with wireless sensors.
  • Drones of all sizes and capabilities have been put into use for everything from entertainment to news coverage and national defense.

Putting wireless technology to work for businesses, defense, aeronautics, government agencies, and consumers is no simple accomplishment. It requires a variety of skills and processes to create a viable product:

  • Wireless design services
  • Circuit design
  • Product prototyping
  • Testing and trouble-shooting
  • Design for Manufacturing (DFM)
  • Final product approval and development

Each of these processes requires technical expertise, specialized software and design tools, and experience, to take the project from concept to working product.

Wireless design services in San Jose encompass a variety of technologies:

  • WiFi – WiFi technology is constantly changing, providing more connectivity and reliability for both home and business applications. Creating an efficient wireless network includes everything from electronic circuit design of devices, to type and position of access points, to complete network design.
  • RF Antenna Design and Modeling
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Cellular Technologies
  • GPS systems for personal or automotive implementations

Designing communications that maximize the use of the right technology for an application requires both practical and technical expertise to develop the right solution. Electronic engineering services in San Jose and Silicon Valley have all the qualifications to meet the requirements of any wireless design project.

Getting Electronic Circuit Design Right the First Time

San Jose electronic engineers understand that redesign and remanufacturing electronic circuits are more expensive the farther in the process that problems are discovered – and hopefully long before the product reaches the intended market.

To ensure products perform as designed and provide reliable service, engineers utilize advanced tools and best practices to create solutions for a variety of technical applications:

  • Analog, digital, and mixed designs
  • Bluetooth and 802.11 designs for wireless systems
  • Graphics solutions for video applications
  • Advanced control systems and embedded microprocessor designs

Developing problem-free prototypes that are ready for all required test environments means pooling technical expertise, experience, and software tools that detect problems before the prototype is even manufactured.

A thorough understanding of each aspect of electronic circuit design is critical in preventing bug-filled prototypes or worse – bug-filled finished products.

With the steadily increasing demand for miniaturization in electronic products for consumer goods, communications devices, and aeronautics, it’s even more important that engineers stay current on design techniques and newly-developed components.

FPGA Design Services – San Jose Has the Technology

Field-programmable gate array (FPGA) design services incorporate functionality that can be modified in the field (as indicated by the “field-programmable” designation). Providing FPGA design in electronics offers the important ability to reconfigure an embedded circuit’s functions without remanufacturing or replacing the circuit or printed circuit board that houses the FPGA design.

FPGA design services in San Jose support customer requirements for circuits that must be modifiable at the point of use once, a limited number of times, or whenever the need arises for changing the circuit logic or function.

FPGAs have been in use for several decades, but continuous advances in design and manufacturing capabilities have led to increased density and performance. There are multiple types of FPGAs, making selection of the best FPGA design service in San Jose critical in arriving at the best solution for any application:

  • Symmetrical array
  • Row-based architecture
  • Hierarchical programmable logic devices (PLDs)

There are also different classes of FPGAs that define the technology that applies to the programming of the array.

  • SRAM – Static RAM that is programmable during design, but loses its program when powered off, requiring a reload and an external source for program storage.
  • Antifuse – CMOS that retains programming when powered off, but cannot be reprogrammed once the FPGA program has been loaded.
  • Flash –  these do not lose their program when powered off, but can only be reprogrammed a limited number of times, due to the inherent charge buildup.

San Jose electronic engineering services in San Jose can select the best type and class of FPGA architecture that will provide the functionality and performance required for any specific application.

San Jose Is Your Premier Electronic Design Source

San Jose electronic engineering services have the experience, technology, and tools to take your electronics project requirements from vision to finished product. The experienced team of engineers in San Jose offers customers a complete range of services, including:

  • Electronic engineering services
  • Wireless design services
  • FPGA design service
  • Electronic circuit design

From product architecture to development to prototyping, San Jose provides a complete turnkey solution to your electronic engineering requirements. Software and firmware development are also an essential factor in their complete portfolio of services.

Contact the electronics experts in San Jose today to discuss your project with an experienced team of electronic engineers.

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