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  • Posted on: May 16, 2020
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It’s no secret that Silicon Valley is a hotbed of technology, providing companies from all business sectors with electronics that power everything from televisions to satellites and automobiles.

Electronic engineering is an industry in itself, with many specialized services covering design, development, testing, and final product development. Electronic engineering in San Jose offers clients a full range of services and applications.

Wireless Design Services in San Jose

Many businesses are dependent on wireless design services. Communications technology is continuously growing, with companies integrating wireless functions through the Internet of Things (IoT) that enables high-speed communications between cell phones, machines on factory production floors, children’s toys – even home doorbells and appliances.

Designing compact, efficient wireless electronics is a very specialized field, requiring knowledge of various technologies and wireless fundamentals to make the right design choices:

  • Wi-Fi connection speed: This is critical where real-time communication is required.
  • Bandwidth requirements: Data capacity can be a major factor in some applications.
  • Operating range: Distance requirements and network design will impact range options. WiFi has increased range over Bluetooth, but it consumes more power. Pros and cons must be weighed to meet the prospective use of the product.
  • Power availability and consumption: Components utilized and battery size or weight.
  • Cost: Effective choice of quality, reliable components and total cost of the end product.
  • Security: Hackers and cybercriminals never rest from their attempts to penetrate even the least likely electronic device, from voice recognition assistants to smartphones. In fact, the incidence of vulnerabilities in wireless devices has increased significantly in recent months. Security is a key element in the development of wireless devices.
  • Compatibility: Many devices are designed today to be accessible from computers, tablets, or smartphones, making compatibility a major consideration.

Electronic Circuit Design

There are many firms in San Jose providing electronic circuit design. This aspect of electronic engineering involves a great deal of expertise not only in how the circuit is designed but also to ensure the product provides the desired functions consistently. There are other factors important in electronic circuit design.

Circuit Design Factors

Tools in use: Circuit designers today have various sophisticated tools available that offer many advantages:

  • Evaluation and analysis of design before any manufacturing begins.
  • Speed prototyping and detect errors or problems with design that shrinks design time and reduces development costs.
  • Aid in selecting components to avoid conflicts or incompatibility.
  • Generate templates and manufacturing specifications.

Complete range of services: Taking the project from concept to design to end product often includes multiple service providers such as subcontractors or off-shore manufacturers. This can extend development time, increase costs, and reduce quality.

It is preferable to deal with a supplier who can manage and provide solutions for the entire design and development processes.

Certifications: Many electronic circuits such as those developed for medical devices or aerospace applications can require validation, stress testing, and certifications. Where needed, it’s important to verify in advance that final designs can meet all such requirements.

Electronic circuit designs involve many considerations:

  • Size – depending on the end product, size and weight of the manufactured design/board must be considered.
  • Materials – the type of board materials that will accommodate the components and circuit design.
  • Components – reliability and compatibility with the expected environment, such as temperature, vibration, and stress tolerance.
  • Test plans – test conditions, duration, and acceptance conditions.

FPGA Design Services

Field-programmable gate array (FPGA) design services are an additional technology provided by San Jose electronic design firms. These FPGA devices are aptly named to indicate that their configuration may be changed after manufacturing “in the field” by engineers or even by customers.

Introduced as early as 1985, FPGA circuits have increased in popularity and use due to their very nature of flexibility in function and circuit modification. FPGAs are integrated circuits composed of user-programmable interconnects with internal hardware blocks so that they are readily reconfigured to meet changing requirements.

This architecture makes FPGA design different from traditional electronic circuit design, with designers utilizing specialized software design tools such as hardware description language (HDL) to generate FPGA configurations.

FPGA design includes technical decisions on the part of the designer, depending on the specifications and application:

Power consumption – FPGAs typically consume more power due to the increased number of transistors for logic functions that make them programmable. Designing an efficient FPGA is, therefore, a complex engineering activity requiring specific knowledge and experience.

Applications – FPGAs are used increasingly in such technology industries as energy and automotive applications. Energy sources such as solar or wind can utilize programmable functions to adapt to changing weather conditions. Advanced automotive safety features such as adaptive cruise control, security features, and blind spot monitoring can react to changing conditions due to the functionality of FPGA circuit designs.

Designing and implementing FPGA electronic circuits requires thorough understanding of the technology and its capabilities, as well as its properties.

What Makes a San Jose Electronic Design Company Different?

With the variety of electronic engineering firms populating the San Jose area, what makes one stand out from the others? The difference is in:

Experience: Does the candidate design firm have a track record of proven results and satisfied clients? Where wireless devices and IoT technology are part of the project, does the design company have full knowledge and experience in those areas?

Application of technology: What tools do project managers and electronic designers have to create reliable circuit designs, test printed circuit boards and components, and built quality products?

Range of services offered: Can a single provider carry the project from inception and design to development of the end product? What is the timeline offered to ensure applicable speed to market?

SunMan Engineering for Electronic Engineering Solutions

SunMan Engineering has been providing our customers with high-quality technology services and products since our founding in 1990. Our services include:

  • Product Architecture
  • Product Development
  • Product Prototyping
  • Firmware and Software Development

SunMan’s skilled engineers have developed solutions for over 250 technology clients with more than 1550 development projects.

Make SunMan Engineering your first call for complete electronic engineering services in the San Jose and Silicon Valley area. Contact us today to discuss your technology needs. 

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