As businesses strive to reduce costs and increase reliability and automation, more and more companies are looking into the development and investment in Short Range Wireless Solutions.

By providing secure and reliable two-way wireless communications, SunMan Engineering’s Short Range Wireless Solutions enable automation and control solutions that are not possible with wired systems, and If properly deployed, can greatly reduce operational costs, increase productivity and yields, and make it easier to comply with government regulations.
There are many industrial applications SunMan Engineering is able to customize, including:

By Industry

  • Power Generation
  • Oil and Gas
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Cement Processing
  • Paper
  • Renewable Energy Production
  • Equipment Manufacturing

By Application

  • Plant Safety
  • pipeline corrosion and condition
  • well-hole drilling and completion
  • Workforce Mobility
  • Geo / Seismic Sensors
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Asset Management

Implementing Short Range Wireless Solutions can be a great investment. When Short Range Wireless Solutions are implemented by SunMan, businesses realize:

  • Decreased Operating Expenses
  • Increased Accuracy of Data
  • Better / Reliable Communications
  • Lower Capital Expenses
  • Faster Startups and Expansion for plants
  • Ability to upgrade (decreased downtime)
  • Safer, more reliable operations
  • Higher productivity
  • Cost-effective regulatory compliance reporting

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