31 years in developing cutting-edge IoT solutions for leading technology companies

The Internet of Things (IoT) — a network of physical objects embedded with sensors and software designed to connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the Internet — lies in the frontier of innovation.

Although we’re already using IoT technology in many everyday applications, it takes a lot more than what meets the eye to navigate the complexity of the components and create a seamless solution.

IoT engineering requires specific expertise, protocol, and technical services — capabilities that not even large technology companies tend to have in-house.

To develop a successful IoT solution, you need an innovative engineering partner. Here at SunMan, our team of expert designers and engineers create interfaces, APIs, and protocol handling for any technical challenges that can be solved by IoT.

Our team engages in an end-to-end process that goes from high-level concept development to granular, technical details. Our deep understanding of design, hardware, and technologies allows us to create unique solutions that seamlessly connect humans, systems, machines, and networks. We’re well-positioned to support our clients to capitalize on the fast-growing IoT market. Our unique blend of technical expertise and design savviness connects users with digital experiences in ways never thought imaginable.

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