Using WebCAD™ provides you, the customer, with many advantages for completing your prototype designs. Some of the most notable advantages are:

  • You save travel time
  • You save travel expenses
  • You produce instant, real-time CAD designs
  • You work from your own desk
  • You have all your data and references within easy reach
  • You can control the final CAD design
  • Changes are accurate and efficiently controlled by you
  • Your approval cycle times are decreased
  • Time-to-market performance is enhanced
  • You have our senior design engineers for direct interface throughout your design process
  • SunMan Engineering conducts DRC’s while you work
  • Quality is assured with the SunMan Engineering TQM system
  • DFM can be quickly confirmed
  • The process is easy and self fulfilling in that your personal efforts are in the design
  • Additional members of your design team can participate in the process

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