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An important asset for SunMan Engineering is the innovative Internet tool WebCAD™ that was developed internally for use by customers. WebCAD™ is the latest enhancement to our turnkey engineering services. It is an online application that lets you communicate effectively and accurately with the SunMan Engineering engineers so that you can save days in your time to market for your prototypes. This tool is a virtual meeting area where customer design engineers can interface with the SunMan Engineering layout engineers to display, review, edit and finalize your design instantly! All that is needed to use this tool is an Internet connection, a "browser" and a telephone. The meeting is then scheduled and the customer engineer(s) and the SunMan Engineering engineer interact with each other in developing the final layout for the PCB under design. Both participants can control the CAD process from their own computers.

The flexibility of this WebCAD™ allows the customer to work from his own work area and still utilize the full suite of SunMan Engineering's Design Center. As mentioned above, you can control the CAD process. This alleviates the headaches of meeting in a remote location without your full database in hand. It also eliminates inconvenient travel time and travel expense. No matter where your workplace is located, you have available to you real-time engineering interface with the SunMan Engineering design team.