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USB-I2C-FM Reference Design & Debug Tool


The Sunman USB-I2C-FM board is a multifunction eval board and debug tool.


USB to I2C

• Type B USB connector
• 10-Pin shrouded header with AARDVARK compatible pinout
• 3.3V, 100KHz, I2C Bus
• 10-Pin shrouded header with 8, 3.3V GPIO lines
• Powered from USB
• AT90USB646, USB to I2C is programmable via USB or Atmel JTAGICE, 10-Pin shrouded header.
• Red, Green, and Yellow LED's connected to GPIO pins for general use.
• Reset and Bootloader push button switches.

I2C to FM Transmitter/Reciever

• SN761633 FM Stereo/Mono Transmitter Receiver IC
• Adjustable output power to +4dBm
• RSSI with 2dB resolution
• 87.387MHz to 108.113MHz Frequency range
• 32.768KHz crystal oscillator frequency reference
• Standard 3.5mm, stereo, audio jacks for line in and line out.


• C# GUI for reading/writing all chip registers
• Source code provided (Visual Studio 2011 Project)
• C source for AT90USB646 USB to I2C provided (Eclipse/GNU AVR)

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