Our next-generation robotics solutions can help you shorten the product development lifecycle while
creating more robust features. We combine world-class robotics expertise, state-of-the-art technology,
and a flexible approach in research, development, and support to optimize your project’s timeline and

Learn more about our most popular services:
• Feasibility Study
• Strategic Technology Development
• Design and Engineering
• Prototyping

Our comprehensive approach to robotic and automation engineering is proven to help our clients create
cutting-edge products and systems.

First, we conduct technical analysis and risk assessment to gain a thorough understanding of the project.
Then, we design the architecture to visually describe the high-level layout of the proposed solution.
We’ll also establish a product development roadmap and implementation timeline to give you a holistic
view of the process.

Our end-to-end product development process covers these critical steps:
• Requirement definition: We review and discuss MRD/PRD with you via real-time collaboration.

• Component Selection: We consider interactions, interconnectivity, power consumption, and
costs of goods. We’ll also provide a lead-time estimate.
• Design Specification Authoring: We create block diagrams, PCB floor plans, etc. for your review
and sign off.
• Schematic Entry: We take care of symbol generation, schematic drawing, timing analysis, Netlist
generation, BOM generation, and more.
• Board Layout: We proceed to footprint generation, placement, routing, and Gerber generations.
• Programmable Logic: We work on device sizing, component selection, VHDL, Verilog coding, test
bench coding, and simulation.
• Product Engineering: Finally, we take your project through fabrication and completion. This step
involves assembly house selection and support, assembly instruction generation, and component

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