SunMan is an elite provider of custom PCB prototypes and fabrication services. Our multifaceted group of experts, who services our global client base, is highly experienced in PCB assembly and layout. Our clients return to us time and again for our full-fledge PCB fabrication services, including product layout, manufacturing, warehousing, and shipping.

Our advanced PCB development and manufacturing technologies can facilitante PCB production to achieve short delivery timeline ranging from 24 hours to 3 weeks. We work with various reputable PCB fabrication partners to give our clients access to the right capabilities and technical expertise at certified facilities both domestics and overseas. We make sure that our clients are getting the best combination of price, quality, and services.

Thanks to our extensive partner network, we can provide quick turnaround time for pre-production fabrication, as well as dense and high-count multilayered PCBs fabrication — which is required when you introduce a product to market and need a large quantity of PCBs in a short time. Our pre-production services can manufacture 500 – 5,000 PCBs per order with delivery times ranging from 2 to 20 days. In addition, our team don’t just take your Gerber files and send them into production. We always give our clients’ files a thorough review to make sure they don’t waste their time and money on a re-spin.

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