Our PCB assembly performance meets and exceeds the requirements and technical complexity demanded by any industry. Our organic approach has been developed over many years and built on practical experience. It offers the responsiveness and flexibility needed to meet any dynamic PCB assembly requirement while still enforcing a mechanistic, process-ownership standard to achieve the highest possible quality.

Our professional team can partner with your in-house resource on design and development. Our Design for Manufacturability (DFM) and a New Product Introduction (NPI) reviews are designed to help you streamline assembly, minimize waste and inefficiencies, and eliminate challenges that may arise during the production process. Our proven process delivers optimal value so you can stay competitive under the increasingly intense time-to-market pressure in today’s business environment.

We pair various advanced manufacturing systems, such as Multiple Mydata and Panasonic SMT pick and place machines, multi-dimensional X-Ray, Electrovert Closed Loop DI wash systems, Pillarhouse selective solderers, and Yestech AOIs with dedicated third-party industry-accredited operating technicians to ensure unparalleled execution. Our expertise ranges from minimal layer PCBAs with basic thru-hole component population to 25-layer impedance controlled assemblies with the latest packages in LGA, micro BGA, PQFN, and 01005 size ceramics.

We provide PCB manufacturing and assembly services to clients in various industries and at any scale. From defense and industrial to commercial applications, we can help you optimize resource usage and achieve the highest ROI. When you work with our professional team, you don’t have to worry about program management, supply chain continuity, or quality control issues. Contact us to see how we can meet your PCB assembly demands.

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