Our chip implementation solution can resolve multiple challenges associated with multi-hundred-million
gates design, GHz operating frequency, noise coupling at deep sub-micron, IR drop, ESD, design for
manufacturing (DFM), and time-to-market requirements.

Our advanced design process — equipped with quick prototyping, automatic power design solution,
iterations-reduction timing-driven solution, data flow analyzer, and clock adjust cell — has been
instrumental in hundreds of our clients’ first silicon successes at deep sub-micron technology.
In addition, we offer hierarchical physical synthesis, clock tree synthesis, static timing analysis with on-chip
variation (OCV), formal verification, multiple power domain/on-off domain verification, cross-talk fixing
and prevention, and LVS/DRC.

Furthermore, our comprehensive design-for-testability (DFT) services including scan insertion, boundary
scan, memory BIST with smart BIST grouping, memory repair, memory ECC solution, scan re-ordering, low
power test pattern generation and compression, and fault simulation.
We also provide IP hardening, IP test circuit/test pattern integration, SoC integration service from spec to
GDSII or RTL to GDSII. In particular, we have successfully integrated GUC with SoC for high-volume
production for hundreds of clients over the past 30 years.

SunMan is the leading foundry of high-value analog semiconductor solutions and manufacturer of
advanced analog integrated circuits. Our services provide our clients with strong competitive advantages
in current and emerging markets.

You can also take advantage of our professional quality manufacturing service, made possible by our
collaboration with world-class wafer fabrication partners, packaging and testing suppliers, as well as
other supporting providers. We help you minimize entry barriers and technical risks while shortening time to-market, lowering time-to-volume, and ensuring punctual delivery of high-quality products — so you can
focus your resources on your core competency.

Our SoC manufacturing services consist of packaging, testing and product engineering, quality and
reliability assurance, as well as supply chain management. Contact us to learn more about our
comprehensive semiconductor services.

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