A quality prototype that accurately represents the features, functionality, and performance of the final product can help you reduce the time and money spent on testing a system. To help our clients optimize prototype testing, our facilities not only offer CNC machines for mechanical prototyping but also have professional 3D printing machines — which allows us to verify a design’s form and functionalities so you can make mechanical adjustments to various components before the final production process.

Our 3D printing systems offer the highest level of precision and accuracy that can meet any national standard. You can choose from a variety of strong and thermally stable materials to create models that can be used as workpieces to accurately test their form, fitting, and functionality.

We use a wide range of prototyping techniques and tailor the process to meet your testing objectives. Between prototype stages, we conduct product testing and make engineering improvements. Our iterative process helps you perfect your product so it’s ready for manufacturing and sales.

We can also help you fabricate custom prototypes for concept validation, marketing, fund-raising, demonstration, product refinement, and preparation for manufacturing.

Unlike most prototyping houses, we’re well-versed in different techniques. We combine these methodologies to custom-fabricate functional- and demonstration-grade prototypes:

• Custom Fabrication for Working Prototypes
• Rapid Prototyping, 3D printing, and SLA parts
• CNC, Stamping, Machining, and Metal Fabrication
• Temporary Molds and Castings
• Foam and Proof of Concept Models
• Professional Sewing and Soft Goods Prototyping
• Custom Board Fabrication and Electronic Prototypes
• Low Run/Market Test Units
• 3D Modeling
• 3D Printing
• Metal 3D Printing
• CNC Machining
• Sheet Metal
• Injection Molding
• Component Selection and Kitting
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