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"I write this letter in appreciation of the splendid effort of SunMan Engineering, Inc. in providing first class engineering services."
"I would like to recommend SunMan for their engineering services, especially in the area of printed circuit board design and fabrication. I urge all design engineers, who are wearied with micro managing every detail of their printed circuit board design process, to put the trust of their projects in the hands of SunMan Engineering and get a chance to experience the sense of success and fulfillment that I felt every time I rushed to SunMan with my sensitive projects." R.S.
NASA - Ames Research Center

"I would like to thank you and commend you for the excellent performance to date on the 5 analog/digital boards you have done for us. ...every single board worked the first time and allowed us to characterize our new products in a timely fashion."
"We look forward to a continued relationship that will be beneficial to both of us. Thank you for your great efforts."
National Semiconductor

"As you are aware, I recently completed your two-day course on GerbTool 386. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a comprehensive and quality class. ...the class enabled me to become immediately productive in using the software."
"I would highly recommend SunMan's class to any purchaser of GerbTool 386."

"During the past two years we have had the pleasure of working with SunMan Engineering, Inc. The work has included a variety of PC board design for the AT bus."
"SunMan's quality has been outstanding. They have delivered on time and on budget every time. Their staff have been courteous and sensitive to Amdahl's needs."
Amdahl Corporation

"Thanks for the good job on this CAM X22 printed circuit board."
Dyna Image Corp.


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