Our product design team turns ideas into reality for our clients through rapid electronic prototype design and development.  This allows them to evaluate their ideas further, or demonstrate these to their own customers or investors.

We use modular systems to reduce design times and decrease printed circuit board (PCB) complexity. The end result will be a mock-up that looks close to a final production design, even though the internal workings may be completely different to the end manufactured product.

Software development can be carried out in parallel with hardware design to further shorten development times. Our lightweight application and UI development framework, SnapUI, is well suited to parallel hardware/software development for Windows CE projects.

Once we have the initial prototype ready, we test it and make any required modifications to create a production-ready product. Through our electronic prototype design service we have created prototype products for many sectors; industrial automation, energy metering and traffic control, amongst others.

Electronics prototyping is always an intimidating concept for most entrepreneurs most especially if they have zero background with electronics and micro-controller programming. The terms alone sound so technical which adds up to the intimidation factor of electronics prototyping. However, your electronic design ideas will never come to life unless you brave it out and face the complex world of electronics prototyping or by creating a PCB prototype. Even the famous iPhone started out as a very basic and only functional prototype.

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