At SunMan, we cover every step in the electronic engineering process to ensure that every project is done right.
Our client engagements start with system architecture design that consists of the definition of single or multiple custom PCBs, off-the-shelf hardware, firmware, mechanical packaging, or a combination of these system elements.
We then refine the product definition during the architecture phase. System elements are mapped into an architectural specification that typically includes system and sub-system block diagrams, major system components, interconnection specifications, as well as interfaces and functional descriptions.

Our team will work closely with you to ensure that the architecture meets MRD and PRD requirements, industry specifications, silicon requirements, as well as cost and manufacturability targets.

The architectural specification is used to guide downstream development activities. Since we create the specifications based on your initial requirements, the target milestones are predictable. This allows us to execute the development phase efficiently, resulting in a high-quality product within a short timeframe.

Our end-to-end product development services involve:
Requirement definition: We review and discuss MRD/PRD with you via real-time collaboration.
Component Selection: We consider interactions, interconnectivity, power consumption, and costs of goods. We’ll also provide a lead-time estimate.
Design Specification Authoring: We create block diagrams, PCB floor plans, etc. for your review and sign off.
Schematic Entry: We take care of symbol generation, schematic drawing, timing analysis, Netlist generation, BOM generation, and more.
Board Layout: We proceed to footprint generation, placement, routing, and Gerber generations.
Programmable Logic: We work on device sizing, component selection, VHDL, Verilog coding, test bench coding, and simulation.
Product Engineering: Finally, we take your project through fabrication and completion. This step involves assembly house selection and support, assembly instruction generation, and component second-sourcing.

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