• Serving the High-Tech community since 1990.
  • Successfully completed over 1550 engineering projects
  • Over 350 satisfied clients
  • Wide range of applications.
  • Expertise across many electronic and mechanical disciplines

Compressed Product Development Cycles

  • Established methodologies and internal, concise operational disciplines
  • Streamlined proprietary quality assurance system
  • Zero defects with the first design iteration

Better use of Engineering Resources

  • Tasks are completed in parallel to customer’s engineering efforts
  • Customers can address the next improvements/iteration to their core product
  • Dedicate internal resources to responding to engineering challenges from competitors
  • Alleviate engineering overloading of internal resources

Reduce Fixed Asset Investment

  • Expand engineering without investing in additional fixed assets
  • Invest in additional resources to develop their core competencies while still aggressively developing new products.
  • Outsourced services can be treated as above the line expenses.

Expand and Contract Resource Capability Painlessly

Finally, there are many occasions when a company just lacks the engineering talents and assets required to execute the needed product development program. This may include expertise or equipment that SunMan Engineering has in place such as hardware or EDA tools. Rather than invest in additional resources, which will need to be trained and acclimated into the existing engineering team, it is an advantage that a company outsources these engineering projects to SunMan Engineering.

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