Professional Engineering Services (PES)
General Services Administration

Contract No. GS-10F-002AA
Federal Supply Group 871, Class R425

Available to all Federal Agencies October 2012
Contract Period: 1 October 2012 through 30 September 2017


SunMan Engineering, Inc. has been awarded a 5-year contract with the General Services Administration (GSA) for System Design, Engineering and Integration services.

Online access to contract ordering information is available at:

This contract covers the following Special Item Number (SIN).

SIN 871-3 System Design, Engineering and Integration

Over the last twenty years, SunMan Engineering, Inc. has completed hundreds of projects encompassing electronic circuit design, product development, systems development and integration (including sensors and wireless technologies), PCB design & manufacturing, and mechanical engineering.

SunMan Engineering can redesign boards/systems with obsolete parts, as well as upgrade an existing legacy board/system to the latest standards and components. Our success in providing system design, engineering and integration services stems from the technical credentials of our staff and our ability to routinely apply a integrated multidisciplinary approach on projects.

The GSA has prequalified SunMan Engineering to make it easier for Federal contracting officers to award engineering contracts, i.e., capabilities have been reviewed and rates have been negotiated. All a Federal customer must do is place an order directly with a GSA schedule contractor, such as SunMan. Federal customers can significantly reduce the time required to obtain services to as little as two weeks. Lastly, the relationship between the contractor and the customer is a direct one – the customer need not transfer funds to GSA.

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